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Each expert in our multidisciplinary team contributes a critical piece to the puzzle of a child's development.

Do you know?

Poor attention and carelessness can be caused by weakness in the visual system.

Weak visual motor skills such as poor eye tracking can hinder learning efficiency.

People with weak visual motor skills may seem careless or task avoidant. They may also exhibit symptoms like copying difficulties or skipping words/lines while reading.

Explore our symptom checklist to determine if you or your child may be facing any challenges with  visual motor skills.

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We address developmental & learning concerns in children


  • Does my child have a speech delay?
  • Why does my child have trouble making friends?
  • Why does my child struggle to recognise certain letters?
  • My child has difficulties with self regulation.


  • Why is my child struggling with learning?
  • My child is struggling with spelling.
  • My child is on the phone all the time.
  • The teacher finds it difficult to understand my child's writing.

Special Needs

  • Is my child able to see clearly?
  • I want to help my child communicate better.
  • Are there ways to assist my child to cope with sensory sensitivities?
  • I want to improve my child's eye tracking and visual attention.

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