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Discover the amazing journey of how babies see and learn about their world in our special workshop just for preschool teachers. We'll guide you through the stages of a baby's vision, from seeing things fuzzy and in black-and-white to enjoying a world of colors by 2 to 4 months. By age 2, their eyes get even better at seeing things clearly!

But there's more than meets the eye! Our short course also explains why some kids might need glasses and how we can arrest eye problems such as myopia from getting worse, which is really important as more kids in Asia are facing this issue.

We won't just stop at clear vision. We'll show you the science why it is equally important for children to have good visual motor skills, like following things with their eyes accurately, using their eyes together, focusing well, and performing good eye-hand coordination.


And here's the exciting part – we'll talk about why understanding what you see, visual perception, is necessary for a learner.


If your preschool is ready to make some positive changes in your curriculum to improve and safeguard children's vision, you will also earn our Championing Good Vision Award. It's like a big thumbs up for making sure every child in your school can see well and learn well.


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Midpoint Orchard

Midpoint Orchard, 220 Orchard Road, #03-05, S238852