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Eye Screening Book.

By Andy Teo

What is the "Eye See It" Eye Screening Book?

This simple and easy-to-use eye screening book that helps to screen the following populations of children:


  • Children who have not learnt how to recognise letters or numbers.
  • Children who have non-verbal conditions (e.g. selective mutism, autism) or letter recognition difficulties (e.g. cannot recognise symbols accurately)

This eye screening book allows parents and educators to screen children from the age of 3. It can be used in schools or at home. It comes with a shape card for the children to point instead of verbalising (if need be). (The star shape has been replaced with the triangle in the latest editions.)

Training will be provided to schools. Do check this out if you work in the early intervention, preschool or therapy setting.

A quick and easy way to screen for vision problems among toddlers.



Step 1

Redeem your Eye Screening Procedure materials

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